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TS 16949 Portal


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ISO 9001 Portal


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ISO 14001 Portal


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Who is SBS Portals?

SBS Portals is a division of the SBS Group. We develop and market a cloud based software solution suite called Smart Business Solution Portal (SBS Portal).

What we do?

We combine the Best Business practices followed by successful companies and reliable IT tools, into a very simple, ready-to-use solution and offer it as a "Solution-as-a-Service".

The SBS portals company was started with a focus to package solutions that do not require a lot of time to implement, and to keep the costs low. We paid attention to end user needs and kept the solution extremely easy to use. With our easy to use offering, employees will be able to easily use all of the features; and that will help improve your business performance.

Selecting a suitable solution for your company:

Our "Solution-as-a-Service" can be used either to solve a specific problem in a department or as a comprehensive tool to manage multiple requirements common to your type of business. The following Matrix will help you select an appropriate solution for your problems or challenges.

Key Capabilities of the ISO Certification Portal:

  • Work Management (Tasks, Processes, Projects)
  • Document Control
  • Facilitate and Track Employee Training
  • Corrective Action Tracking, Measuring and Reporting
  • Facilitates Continuous Improvement Activities
  • Dashboards for Tracking Process Metrics and Trends
  • Supports Internal Audits
  • Helps in Organizing Management Reviews
  • Form Processing
  • Helps in Collaborating with your Vendors and Suppliers

Potential Customers:

If you have these needs or face the below mentioned challenges our portal may be able to help you:

  • Streamline and Improve Business Processes
  • Qualify for more RFPs/RFQs
  • Improve your Company Profile in the eyes of Customers
  • Win more Business
  • Deploy "Best in Class" Processes


While some of the capabilities offered by the product are available through various commercial software packages, the packaging of this Portal solution from a customer perspective is quite unique. It is designed ground up for:

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Great Price to Performance Value
  • Very Short Learning Curve and Easy to Use
  • Deploying Proven "Best in Class" Processes


The Portal is specifically designed to provide immediate white collar productivity by reducing process and task cycle times. We are aware that no company can afford to subscribe to a solution without a quantifiable ROI. We can demonstrate the potential ROI using key parameters that you provide. We are so confident that the benefits far exceed the subscription-based costs that we offer an unconditional free trial. For the price of a daily cup of coffee, each of your employees can work with a system that guarantees significant productivity improvement.

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